Identify Criminals

Prevent Theft

Increase Security

iSAW® uses patented technology to accurately identify suspects and witnesses present at the scene of a crime.


In businesses with video surveillance alone, A large percentage of crimes go unprosecuted

Video cameras are considered the standard in security surveillance, despite only being marginally effective at identifying criminals. In many cases, video quality is not high enough to acquire positive IDs, the criminals are wearing masks, or weak-points in a security system have been identified by serial criminals.


iSAW results in more prosecutions 

Using patented technology, iSAW® identifies suspects and witnesses present at a location during a criminal act, accurately and efficiently narrowing the list of potential suspects and witnesses to a fraction of that from traditional surveillance methods.

Combined with existing video surveillance, iSAW® intelligence leads to a higher rate of criminal prosecution, thus preventing further crime, property loss, and injury.


Law Enforcement

Focused Intelligence assists criminal investigation.


Private Businesses

Prevent inventory loss by deterring and solving crime.


Public Organizations

Increased security for employees and guests.